Pet Head Fur Ball Detangling Spray

Pet Head Detangling Spray

I have a Cocker Spaniel / Poodle mix that ended up with thick wavy shedding fur. I brush her fur either every day or every other day and have some sensitivity issues with the fur around her tail and paws. I am also an individual that’s used detangling spray (for humans) in the past. Here’s my best recommendation for using this spray: spray a few squirts into your hand and massage it into the area that needs some TLC. The spray is really direct and will basically give you some really small wet spots that won’t do you any good overall. Of course, keep it away from the dog’s ears, eyes, mouth (mostly the face area).

If your dog has a mat…this will NOT work. If your dog is matting, you need to take some initiative and comb them out more often.

This product is best for making the experience of being combed a bit more enjoyable. When you’re able to work easily through their fur, it can be a very pleasant bonding time for both you and your dog.

The perfume is Strawberry Yogurt. Basically smells like something you’ll find at the drug store in the kids section. The perfume scent only lasts an hour or so. So, don’t think it’s a deodorizer. I don’t think it smells bad and my dog doesn’t appear to care.

I’ll buy it again when I use this up!


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