P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Crate Pad

Play Crate Bed

Relaxing on our P.L.A.Y. Crate Pad after a visit at the spa

I purchased the Pistachio/Hazelnut  medium sized crate bed for the purpose of using it in the back of my car. I have leather seats and my dog tends to slide around a bit even though she wears a Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness. This crate pad is perfect because the green side has a minky material and is soft for my dog to lay on. The other side isn’t as slick and doesn’t move around on the leather seats.

Cleaning is also very easy with this mat. We’ve had some episodes of car sickness on this mat and I just rinsed off the mess and threw it in the washing machine. I laid this mat out to dry and it was ready to use very quickly. I highly recommend this mat for anyone that’s looking for crate mat or a cushion for their dog in the car. The medium size was perfect for my miniature poodle/cocker spaniel mix.


Bowser Pet Bed

Lexi received a Bowser Pet Bed as part of a package for winning a contest on the Pet360 website.Pet360Prizes

We received the Urban Lounger Driftwood which retails from $99 to $259 based on size. This one of the best dog bed’s that I’ve yet to come across. The material is very sturdy and thick and bed/bumpers are thick and comfortable. BowserBed

Whenever I’m not around in the immediate vicinity, I can always find Lexi cuddled up and sleeping in this bed. She also prefers to keep all her toys in this bed with her and will even put her toys away in here when she’s not playing with them. This bed is completely worth the expense!