An Unexpected Kindness

Has someone ever done something unexpectedly nice for you and your dog?

I was at the local pet store yesterday with Lexi and something completely unexpected happened. We were walking up and down the aisles looking at different pet products. I like to let Lexi sniff and see different stuff than her normal environment. Teaching her how to deal with other animals and strangers in a store. We wandered over to the aisle with dog toys in it and Lexi got distracted by another person squeaking toys. The other person, a woman, and I chatted for a second and then Lex and I started looking at other toys. A few minutes later the woman comes back with the squeaky toy that got Lexi’s attention. She asked if it was okay for her to give it to Lexi as she had just purchased it. I said “Sure” and Lexi sat down…her way of asking for something. This small purple rhinoceros (Kong Cozie – Rosie) will certainly be destroyed in a few days but, I’m trying to limit her chew sessions with it. But, Lexi happily took the toy from the woman and immediately proceeded to play with it. We chatted for a moment while I thanked her before she left the store.

Rosie Kong Cozie

So, maybe she was feeling the joy of the season and wanted to pass some along. Maybe there was something going on in her life and she needed to spend a few moments sharing joy and happiness with other people. For whatever reason, I’m grateful and thankful for kind people. It’s a reminder that kindness and selfless giving should be year round and not only during the winter season. Maybe I’ll bring some dog food and toys over to the humane society as a gift from Lexi. I haven’t decided what I will do yet but, I intend to “pass it on”.

Lexi and Rosie