Bowser Pet Bed

Lexi received a Bowser Pet Bed as part of a package for winning a contest on the Pet360 website.Pet360Prizes

We received the Urban Lounger Driftwood which retails from $99 to $259 based on size. This one of the best dog bed’s that I’ve yet to come across. The material is very sturdy and thick and bed/bumpers are thick and comfortable. BowserBed

Whenever I’m not around in the immediate vicinity, I can always find Lexi cuddled up and sleeping in this bed. She also prefers to keep all her toys in this bed with her and will even put her toys away in here when she’s not playing with them. This bed is completely worth the expense!



State of Canine Subscription Services

I believe most canine related subscription services supply the following needs: Food, Toys, and Potty. I have not tried any of these subscription services so, the information that I have here is directly off of their respective websites. Lexi has not participated any of these subscription boxes since most of them involve treats and she’s on a strict vet. diet for food allergies.

Food & Toys


Bark Box

What they offer: You will receive 4 “or more” items that range from dog toys, treats, hygiene products or other. You can check out their Facebook Page to view user submitted picture of past boxes. You choose your subscription based on the size of your dog and then you choose the frequency of payment starting at $29 a month (1 month , 3 months and 6 months).

Spoiled Rotten

Spoiled Rotten

What they offer: This service is under the “Pet Flow” umbrella so, I’m assuming that all products are going to be items from that website. The service is $29 a month and offers discounted payment if you choose a higher frequency (3 months, 6 months and 1 year). I didn’t see it mentioned on the website how many items would be shipped with their boxes. You can also choose toys for a Dog or Cat.

Best Friend Box

Best Friend Box

What they offer: The Best Friend Box will send you treats, toys and goodies for $30 per month. They will let you choose between a Dog or Cat subscription.  Based on the toys and grooming supplies that are featured on the website, I would consider ordering one of these boxes for the fun of it. I’m a fan of Pet Head grooming products.


Poop BuddyOctober 2013 Poop Buddy

What they offer: This is a monthly service that sends you stylish poop bags and a fun related accessory. You have options to customize your order for a Small/Medium/Large Dog and you can choose the frequency of payments (monthly, 3 months and 6 months). Personally, this is one service that I’ve considered joining. I purchased their LED Flashlight/Poop bag holder a while back and it arrived with two rolls of bags. I thought the bags were cute and sturdy but, didn’t measure up to my favorite bags, Earth Rated Poop Bags.

Doggie LawnDoggie Lawn

What they offer: The first of two plans send you a grass patch for your dog 2 x a month for $50 per month. The second plan gives you a larger patch of grass with plastic frame 2 x a month for $60 per month.

I can certainly see how this could be of interest to someone that lives in apartments or a high rise. An alternative to the Doggie Lawn service is the Potty Park. It’s a synthetic grass in a plastic frame with small holes so the dog’s potty can collect in a tray underneath. Certainly cost effective but, you’ll be doing potty clean up duty.


Good Day Dog  

Good Day Dog

What they offer: This service will ship you 1 new collar everyone month for $15. The only options that you are given are the size of the collar.  The collars featured on the site are cute and stylish. Good Day Dog Collar

Nylabone Puppy Toys

I should write a thank you letter to Nylabone for saving my shoes and furniture from the relentless chewing energy of my puppy. One of the first toys that I purchased for my dog was the Nylabone Puppy Pacifier Rope.

Nylabone Pacifier

This gem of a toy has two awesome features…the pacifier hard part that puppies love to chew on. We went through about 4 of these toys before Lexi got all of her adult teeth. By then it was time for us to switch to the regular Nylabone dog bones. It’s super important to make sure you don’t let your puppy with adult teeth chew on Nylabone puppy toys. The puppy toy chews will break off a lot easier and, if your dog eats the chunk, could potentially injure your dog internally. We also tried the Puppy Teething Rings and the Puppy Teething Pacifier. Neither of these toys was very popular with my dog.

The other fantastic aspect of this toy is the rope. Lexi loved when I would soak the rope and freeze it overnight when she was going through her teething phase. The rope is also something that’s safe for a puppy to chew on. Mine loved to go after the fringes and munch on that for a while. Since we’re past the Nylabone puppy phase she likes to play with ToyShoppe Monkey Fist Bar Rope toy.


For dogs with their adult teeth, the Nylabone DuraChew’s really do the trick. Lexi isn’t picky and doesn’t care about one flavor from another. We’re currently working on the Nylabone Wishbone toy. I received this toy from Pet360 when I won their Little Devil/ Little Angel contest.  One aspect that I really like about this toy is that it’s easy for the dog to balance the toy between their paws. It’s also nice that it’s got 3 sides for the dog to chew on. I like to give it to Lexi to keep her busy when I’m eating dinner or

in a conference call


Lastly, another important aspect of making these toys really appealing to your dog is part training. Make these toys seem AWESOME to your dog. If your puppy is chewing on their Nylabone/Rope/ or some other dog toy then reward the dog with treats and/or petting. If your dog feels that they’re doing something fantastic by chewing on their toys then they’ll most likely go back to it. If your dog is showing interest in your shoes then you can do some of what I did. I put bitter apple spray on some of my shoes and other ones were put up where the dog couldn’t reach it. I also liked to use the correction noise “Ehhhh” when she did something naughty and redirected her attention to something appropriate. The point of it is, give your dog attention when they’re doing something that you like. They probably will go back to your shoes when they’re really young and it’s your job as their owner to keep the shoes out of their reach. Use correction effectively when you can.

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