PetHub Service

Pet Hub

PetHub is a service that helps dog owners have some piece of mind in case their dog runs away. Each tag has a unique QR scannable code on it that links back to your PetHub account. It’s free to create an account and you are given a “Basic Account” level when you purchase a tag from their site. I purchased a tag that I was able to customize with Lexi’s name and my contact number. I know there’s some controversy out there about putting your dog’s name on their tag but, I’d rather someone know my dog’s name if they found her and contacted me.

Beyond the Basic (Free Level) of service, you can purchase their Premium Subscription. The Premium Subscription will also give you access to PetHub’s Shelter and Community Alert System. If someone scans your dog’s tag then you’ll get notifications with GPS mapping. Compared to other GPS services out there, I think this one has the best value and piece of mind.

PetHub has tons of cute tags! They have paired up with popular brands like Dog Is Good, Red Dingo, NFL, NBA, NHL and College teams to create fun and unique tags. I’m a big fan of their Holiday Dog is Good tag because it’s cute and catches the eye. Pet Hub

If you’re looking a fun gift to give to friend, PetHub has great Gift Sets available for the holidays. Click here to see their Holiday Bundles! I think their “My Dog is a Genius” Dognition gift set is a great value!!

I’m very happy that I’ve chosen to protect my dog with the PetHub tag and service plan. I will continue to do so in the future!