Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Formula Turkey and Potato Dry Puppy


At 8 weeks old, Lexi was very ill with a virus and her stomach balance changed. She was on a prescription diet dog food for about a month while we tried to transitioned her back to her previous puppy food. We found out later on that she developed an allergy to chicken. The closest food that I found that best resembled her prescription dog food was this turkey and potato limited ingredient formula for puppies. Transitioning her to this food was a breeze and we didn’t have any bathroom issues.

Blue Buffalo basics is a high quality puppy food with just the right amount of protein for my dog. She briefly had a gas issue during the first month of eating it but, I’m not too sure if that was an issue with the food or if it was part of her stomach development. She LOVES the taste of this food and doesn’t mind in the least when we use it for training.

We have no issues now with her sensitive stomach and I trust Blue Buffalo Basics to take care of my dog’s dietary needs.